Apple iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 6 - Read a Brief Comparison

Apple iPhone 6 is an entirely different and better from the iPhone 5s. This mobile phone is big in size, and its appearance is always unique. Apple Company has updated almost all the internal components.

Due to this reason, Apple iPhone 6 is one of the best and powerful Smartphones. Nonetheless, iPhone 5s is also a good option, and it is still available in the market easily.

Both of these handsets are superb in features and quality. If you are going to choose an Apple iPhone 5s or 6, you must know the major differences between these two. On the other hand, the architecture of Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S is 64-bit along with 1GB RAM. The comparison will help you in making the right choice.

Introduction of iPhone 5S:

The iPhone 5S has a unique design which includes an aluminum back panel. It has identical weight and proportions. This iOS device is fragile and light in weight. The build quality is very high. The iPhone 5S is available in beautiful shades like silver, space gray and champagne gold. The metallic bezel is present at the border of the home button of this iPhone.

Introduction of iPhone 6:

The iPhone 6 has a much-revamped design. In this iOS device, the logo of Apple is now present in stainless steel. The rear panel has been made up of aluminum. There is a Touch ID Home Key featured in this iPhone. The front fascia of this iPhone has been achieved up of glass. It is a bit curved around the edges. However, there is a very slight bezel on each side of the display.

Display of iPhone 5S:

The iPhone 5S features 4 inch IPS LCD Retina display. The pixel resolution of this iPhone device is 1136 x 640 at the 326 pixels-per-inch. Apply Company states that this display is quite user-friendly.

Display of iPhone 6:

The display of iPhone 6 is different. It features a 4.7-inch touch-screen with the replacement of on board technologies. These techniques will include the ion-strengthened glass. The pixel resolution of this iPhone device is 1334 x 750 at the 325 pixels-per-inch. The screen is quite big in size.

 Processor of iPhone 5S:

The iPhone 5S features an A7 processor because of which all praised this handset. Dual core processor of 1.3 Giga-Hertz is present in this iOS device. Due to this reason, this iPhone has a fast speed.


Processor of iPhone 6:

The iPhone 6 features an A7 processor. The iPhone 6 has dual core processor of 1.4 Giga-Hertz based on Apple second-gen Cyclone cores. Due to this reason, this iPhone has a fast speed.

Motion Co processor of iPhone 5S:

Apple states that it was also very meticulous about the A7 chip that was going to be integrated into iPhone 5S. M7 motion co processor is present in iPhone 5S.

 Motion Co processor of iPhone 6:

The iPhone 6 has a second generation architecture that is dependent on the 20-nano-meter setup. Apple states that it was very particular about the A8 chip that was going to be integrated into iPhone 6. For this reason, the general performance of iPhone 6 is 30 percent better than the iPhone 5S. M8 motion co-processor is featured in iPhone 6.

 Comparison Chart:

iPhone 5S
iPhone 6
System Chip
Built-in Storage
Video Playback
10 hours
11 hours

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