The Best Mobile Phones to be Sold in 2018

New mobile phones come out every year, and there is no denying that they are absolutely beautiful! Right now, Samsung S8 and Samsung Note 8 are the most coveted phones in the market, in direct competition with the latest iPhone 8 and iPhone X if you want to buy new iPhone then Sell Your Old Phone.
We are wish we could get these phones and experience the usage, but there is one obvious problem: the price tag is extremely steep. This is where you think you can sell your old phone in order to be able to add some money and buy a new one.
This is where the problem arises. If you sell your old phone in a local market, is it really worth anything? What is the best way to sell your phone and to make sure you get the most cash for it so that you can add in some money and buy your dream phone before it becomes obsolete? Indeed, the best way to sell your old phone is to in fact recycle your phone.
Recycling companies are more than willing to pay great prices for old phones, since they are lo…

How Can I Get the Best Price When I Sell My Phone?

Do you have a slightly outdated mobile phone lying around that you just can’t bring yourself to sell, just because of all the money that went into it in the first place? Perhaps you got an iPhone 5 a few years ago and are now heads over heels for the new iPhone 8. But you’re still wondering, ‘should I sell my phone and get only a meager mount for it, or should I just not sell it and keep it?
Well, the answer to this problem is rather simple. If you’re wondering ‘how to sell my phone’, you can now simply do this online, while also making sure that you get the guaranteed best price – something you wouldn’t even have thought of being able to get with an old iPhone 5. Yet, the simple answer when it comes to sell my mobile is to sell it to the best buyers out there: recycling companies.
Why would I sell my mobile and get a huge amount of money for it?’ It seems too good to be true, but unfortunately, it is not. The fact is that individual buyers are not the only ones who would want to buy yo…

Earn Handsome Amount From Your Broken iPhone 6

We all know at least one iPhone user who carries around a phone with a badly shattered screen. As much as many of us love Apple iPhones, we can’t deny the fact that the company is notorious for producing phones that are easily breakable, and hence broke iPhones are a rather common sight. If you are someone who is using a broken iPhone 6 or if you have one lying around in your drawer, this guide is for you.
You might not have considered to sell your broken iPhone because, well, who would pay for it, right? You probably can’t find someone to sell broken iPhone 6 to, and even if you do find someone, they probably offer to pay a really low amount and make you think, ‘we might as well keep it as a memory!’
While this is very common when it comes to sell broken phones, did you know there are mobile phone recycling companies who are willing to accept your broken iPhone? You can sell broken iPhone 6 to these companies for recycling purposes, and they will pay you a handsome amount that no one l…

How to Get Rid of an Old Mobile Phone After the Christmas?

Recycling can be enjoyable, creative and incredibly simple. At SellTheMobile, we understand the standing of iPhone recycling and we want to guarantee that you likewise do your bit to defend the environment. Here are 5 online causes to capture your imaginings and get you recycling in your own home. Each little helps!

1. Did You Catch a New Smartphone from Santa This Year?Yes? So therefore, you’ve perhaps got your old mobile phone sagging about, unused and looking up at you with a tear in its eye.
Don’t give in to its fault trips. We say, get freed of that phone once and for completely by sending it off to a brand new home. Here’s entirety you need to do to say goodbye or recycle your old mobile.
Get entirely your apps, media, pictures, files, music, and so on onto your new phone. Occasionally you can do this with the phones’ software – the Move To iOS app is delightful, and you can transfer all from one iPhone to the new one using, for example.
In other circumstances, you’ll have to use c…

Apple iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 6 - Read a Brief Comparison

Apple iPhone 6 is an entirely different and better from the iPhone 5s. This mobile phone is big in size, and its appearance is always unique. Apple Company has updated almost all the internal components
Due to this reason,Apple iPhone 6is one of the best and powerful Smartphones. Nonetheless, iPhone 5s is also a good option, and it is still available in the market easily.
Both of these handsets are superb in features and quality. If you are going to choose an Apple iPhone 5s or 6, you must know the major differences between these two. On the other hand, the architecture of Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S is 64-bit along with 1GB RAM. The comparison will help you in making the right choice.
Introduction of iPhone 5S: The iPhone 5S has a unique design which includes an aluminum back panel. It has identical weight and proportions. This iOS device is fragile and light in weight. The build quality is very high. The iPhone 5S is available in beautiful shades like silver, space gray and champagn…

Amazing All in One Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C is an excellent phone to have, it comes with a 4.00-inch screen and several features. If you are looking for an affording iPhone, we suggest you get your hands-on iPhone 5C. To further cut down the prices, you can always buy refurbished iPhone 5C. The phone is fast because of its 1GB RAM and a 1.3GHz processor.
You might think that 1GB RAM is not enough, but trust us iPhone’s 1GB RAM can beat many other phones. Although it comes with a plastic back, unlike other iPhones that have metal backs, the phone still manages to look classy and tasteful. If you are not into dull colors, you sure will enjoy the vibrant colors of iPhone 5C.
Since it is a versatile phone, it offers a wide range of features. We are sure there are many tips and tricks of this amazing phone that you might not know. Likewise, to further boost your iPhone 5C experience, you should know about all the best apps for it. Interested in learning about tips and tricks as well as some really good apps, check out the …

Top 8 Alarm Clock Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 6

iPhone 6 does come with a built-in alarm clock, but for many that is not enough. They need something more, something that is different and it would force them to leave their bed. Since iPhone is a high-end smartphone, thus you can download whatever you like.
iPhone 6 is said to be a masterpiece of Apple, it comes with a 4.7-inch display screen, 1GB RAM and 1.4 GHz processor. The phone has everything that you are looking for, and if you think something is missing, you can always download the third-party applications. You can check out our other articles for your refurbishediPhone 6.
1.7 Awesome refurbished iPhone 6 apps for Vegetarians 2.6 outstanding Photo Collage apps for refurbished iPhone 6 unlock 3.How to reduce data usage on refurbished iPhone 6 having iOS 10 4.Different refurbished iPhone 6’s white noise generating apps that help you sleep better In this article, we will be telling you about 8 best alarm clock apps for your refurbished iPhone 6.
Wake Me Up:
The best alarm clock for pe…