How To Reach A Rational Decision When Selling Your Phone Online

Psychology says, emotions drive our behaviour towards life and logic only justifies our actions and marketing specialist saffirm this theory. Humans apply the same theory to brands as they do with people. Nowadays, choosing your favourite brand or product is same as choosing your best friend. Before making the final decision, we go with all the possible solutions. Emotions and logic, both play an important role while making a decision.

But when we are going to make a decision that could cause internal pain, our emotions play a more important role than logic. For example, while criticising a person, we sometimes follow our emotions rather than logic.

But there is a way to conquer this emotional bias. It is a kind of thought process. This process is completely objective and data-driven. It is called rational decision making. This will help you make logically sound decisions even in situations with major consequences.

What Is Rational Decision Making?

Rational decision making is a process to make a decision based on objective data, logic, and analysis instead of following perception and subjectivity. In a rational decision-making process, we identify a problem, look for all possible solutions and then find an answer.

Now, to make a Rational Decision there are few steps to follow:
  • Identify your problem
  • Research for possible solutions
  • Choose the best solution
  • Analyse the result
Now, keeping this rational decision-making model in mind, you can sell your old smartphone easily and earn very good cash for it. You can sell it at a retailer or you can sell mobile online.

Though you can sell your old mobile phone in whatever way you like but a plan without a strategy is a failure. It’s not guaranteed that you will get the most money for your old device or no money at all. So instead of following your emotions in making the decision, you should make a rational decision with logic. If you follow all the steps mentioned above, you can get most cash for your smartphone.
Let’s take a look at the steps that you should follow while selling your mobile phone online. Also, note that these all are logic based steps and no perception is involved.

Find Your Old Mobile Phone

First of all, look out for your old mobile phone. You must be using a brand new phone and your old phone would be resting somewhere in your house. So, the first step is to find your old device.

Gather All The Accessories

After finding your old device, the next step is to find and gather all the accessories of the phone. Remember, selling accessories with your phone will pay you more cash instead of selling just the mobile. Find the original box of the phone, original charger, and original cable. If you have headphones, do put them in the box as well. The box and accessories will show the buyer that your mobile phone is an official phone, not a stolen one.

Backup Your Data

After finding your phone and all the available accessories, connect your phone to your PC and do a complete back up of your data. Remember, you are selling your mobile phone not your personal data. So it is highly recommended that back it up properly. Very carefully, sync your photos and videos. You can back up your data on your personal PC or you can back it up at any online cloud service. After backing up your data, perform the next step.

Do A Factory Reset

Unplug your phone from your PC and erase your content from the phone. You have already backed up your data so there is no harm in erasing it. After erasing all the contents, do a factory reset of your phone. These two steps will ensure that your data is completely wiped out from the phone. You can find the options of erasing the contents and factory reset in the Setting app your mobile phone.

Remove SIM Card

Now, it is time to remove the SIM card. If you are not selling the SIM card with your phone then you must remove it. You will need the SIM card in your new phone. Also, remove the external SD card. If you are selling it with your mobile phone then leave it otherwise remove it.

Clean Your Phone and Re-box It

Since you are identifying the problems and resolving them, the next step you should take is to clean the phone which you are going to sell. A properly cleaned phone will have a good impact on the buyer. Take a soft cloth and clean your phone thoroughly. After cleaning, pack your phone and all the accessories in the original box.

Research For An Online Portal And Choose The Best One

Here comes the most important step to follow. Research all the possible mobile phone recycling comparison sites. When you Google it, you will find a lot of sites working online. Some examples are:
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • SellTheMobile
You must be aware of Amazon and eBay. But we recommend SellTheMobile. It is one of the UK’s rapidly growing mobile phone recycling comparison websites. SellTheMobile has taken on-board some of the best mobile phone recycling companies. All you have to do is search your mobile phone on the portal and you will get a list of top deals for your mobile phone. Pick the one that suits you best and sell your mobile without leaving your couch.

Analyse your Result

In the end, analyse your result. By selling your mobile phone online at an authentic mobile phone recycling comparison website and following all the steps mentioned above, you will surely be able to get the most amount of money in return.

We hope these steps will allow you in reaching a rational decision for selling your mobile phone online. Best of luck with your sale.


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