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10 Ways To Fix Siri Issues On iPhone

The iPhone Siri does not often reply you on what you said. Yes, it is true. Sometimes, Siri becomes deaf and does not hear your voice while talking. So how you can fix Siri not working on your iPhone? In the following article, we are going to tell you how to resolve the Siri problem and get it back to its normal working condition. Siri- what does it mean? One of the great features on an iPhone is the Siri, the voice activation function which initially allowed users to send text messages, call people, and schedule meetings using their voice. Now as the time and need of the user have changed, Apple seems to have modified its technology to suit the users’ interest in relation to Siri. It is no longer just about giving a voice command, movie schedules or making calls, it is much more now. Siri has evolved into a voice assistant that is capable of understanding your commands and acting accordingly. It can easily help you figure out the apps that are appropriate in accordance with your reque…

How to Put Music on an iPod

How to Put Music on an iPodIf you love listening to beautiful songs, you probably have an Apple iPod. This is a must-have gadget for all music lovers. If you already have this amazing gadget and want to learn how to put music on it then you are at the right place. This article will give an overview of how to put music to iPod and explain exactly how it is done. The question is getting more and more common as Apple is introducing more types of iPods. Putting music onto an iPod is very simple and easy and it takes only a few minutes to do it. All you need is an iPod (obviously), some basic tools and some information on how to do it. In the following article, we have come up with a simple way you can use to put songs on your cherished iPod. What You Need: Apart from having an iPod, computer, and data cable, here are some important things you need to do before putting music on your iPod. ·You need the songs to downloadIf you already have a CD collection you can just use any free converte…

Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Live Photos

If you have brought an iPhone you will want to know how to take full advantage of all its features, like Live Photos for instance. Live Photos tends to be an Apple technology which lets one single photo to be a still image plus, when activated, having a few seconds of exciting motion with audio. Think about an animated GIF having audio, automatically developed from your pictures. This is what Live Photos are. This amazing feature got introduced in September 2015 with the advanced iPhone 6S series. Which Sets Can Use Live Photos?You should know which sets of the iPhone can use Live Photos so that you can get that one that has this feature. Live Photos tends only to be available to those who have the correct combination of hardware along with software. If you want to use this, you have to have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, an iPhone SE, a 3D Touch Screen (nevertheless the iPhone SE does not have a 3D Touchscreen, it still supports Live Photos playback), and iOS 9 or even higher. The Way Live P…

How GPS Works on the iPhone

Nearly all mobile phones now have an integrated GPS system. We all have a slight idea of how GPS assists us. Going to a gathering or for a job interview or to an auction exhibition and you are not aware of the directions, we turn on the GPS to get guided with the directions instead of bothering anyone by contacting them. What is GPS? GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It basically, with the help of satellites, helps you to locate your position. The GPS requires satellites, towers, base-stations and the receiver (mobile phones) to work. The GPS works in a form of radio waves or radio signals. The towers and base stations have meshed in an array of a network that exchanges the radio signals between each other, in order to assist the GPS. Now, these towers contain cells integrated into them that assist them. The low power transmitters are furnished inside the mobile phones we use. These transmitters allow the communication to happen between the towers and the mobile phone. How The …

What Is the SIM Card in the iPhone?

What Is the SIM Card in the iPhone?Apple iPhone technology can be confusing to people who are not terribly well-versed in the modern iPhones. After all, many people may be unsure about just how an iPhone works in the first place. One of the things that many users cite as being particularly confusing to them is the SIM card. Most people have heard the term and may have even installed one in their iPhones. But most people think SIM cards are a bit mysterious.
Read on to understand what the SIM card in the iPhone is and what you need to know about it when using an iPhone! What is the SIM Card?
The term SIM is the abbreviation of Subscriber Identity Module. This is the way that a cell phone can be identified on the cellular network. The tiny size chip is a small microprocessor, which carries a lot of data and information that can be considered vital to a phone. It's inserted into the cell phone to get it activated. Once the phone is activated, it's connected to the network of the ce…

What to Expect from Apple's Sept. 12 Event

At the main event, Apple is expected to announce New iPhones, Apple Watch Series 4, AirPods 2 & Studio Pods

Well, September is here (FINALLY) and the Cupertino-based company is all set to hold its annual event. Apple has already sent out press invitations for its September event. We now have an official date to look forward to and that is September 12th. This annual event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, California. Fans are already anticipating this big day and the gadgets announcements that will come with it. Instead of just waiting for the main event, let’s dig out all the guesses and rumours about the expected release of Apple’s new products, including new iPhones, AirPods 2, Apple Watch Series 4, and StudioPods. Three New iPhones There are many rumours wondering around that Apple will reveal three new iPhones at the September 12 event. And as far as their names and features are concerned, no one knows about it. But through the sources and rumours, we have …