Everything You Need to Know About iPhone Live Photos

If you have brought an iPhone you will want to know how to take full advantage of all its features, like Live Photos for instance. Live Photos tends to be an Apple technology which lets one single photo to be a still image plus, when activated, having a few seconds of exciting motion with audio.
Think about an animated GIF having audio, automatically developed from your pictures. This is what Live Photos are.
This amazing feature got introduced in September 2015 with the advanced iPhone 6S series.

Which Sets Can Use Live Photos?

You should know which sets of the iPhone can use Live Photos so that you can get that one that has this feature. Live Photos tends only to be available to those who have the correct combination of hardware along with software.
 If you want to use this, you have to have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, an iPhone SE, a 3D Touch Screen (nevertheless the iPhone SE does not have a 3D Touchscreen, it still supports Live Photos playback), and iOS 9 or even higher.

The Way Live Photos Works

You will want to know the way that Live Photos work to produce wonderful results. When it comes to Live Photos, this works employing a background feature which most iPhone users are actually not aware of. At the time that you open your Phone's Camera app, this app then automatically starts taking pictures.
This occurs even if the user does not tap their shutter button. This lets your phone capture photos really quickly. These photos get automatically deleted if these are not required. This is without you even knowing this.
At the time that a photo gets taken using Live Photos feature enabled, rather than merely capturing photos, your iPhone captures the particular photo and keeps the photos that it takes within the background. Photos from before and after the user takes the photo, get saved.
Therefore, it can stitch these together creating a smooth animation that runs around 1.5 seconds. Your phone even saves audio to add some soundtrack to your live photo.
Live Photos is an exciting feature that you can take advantage of if you have the hardware and software and the correct iPhone to do this. You can try this out and get the best results with this feature.

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