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Tips to Sell your iPad

Tips to Sell your iPadAre you planning to sell your old iPad to be able easily afford Apple’s latest model of iPad? There are many ways to sell your iPad and below we will discuss some of them. When should you sell your old iPad?The ideal time to sell your old Apple iPad is just before the launch of the new iPad. Once a new model is announced, a lot of people want the new model and start selling the old iPads. This leads to a price reduction of the old iPads. Usually, Apple releases its new iPad model every spring. Apple’s iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3 all went on sale during the spring seasons. There have been instances when Apple released the new iPad model at the end of the year. For most people, tablets and iPads are not as necessary as smartphones. So if you sell them a bit early, you might get a good price for your tablet or iPad. Things to do before selling the iPadBefore selling your beloved iPad, do the following things. -Back up the data on your iPad -Erase your personal data fro…

What you need to know to sell your tablet

If you have an old tablet lying in your closet or is simply surplus to requirements as you have upgraded to a newer model. Then don’t throw your older tablet in the bin. In fact, turn it into money. And to do so, you have to sell it. Selling a tablet for a good financial return is not as easy as selling your old smartphone or any other gadget. But still, you can make a good amount of money if you do some groundwork before selling your tablet. How much your tablet is worth?The price of your old tablet depends on the conditions of the tablet. Its size, power, RAM, build, processor and other things determine the price tag. If you have an old entry-level tablet that you bought around £100 a few years ago, will not going to give you a great deal but if you have a newer model to sell then you might get a handsome amount in return. In the tech market, Apple tablets have the highest value than its rivals. How to sell your tabletBefore going to sell your tablet, you need to know a few things fi…

The journey of Apple from its First iPhone to iPhone 7

Now the Apple has become the world’s first trillion-dollar company, the tech giant has come a long way to achieve this dream goal. Apple is mostly known for its high-end iPhones that have revolutionized the smartphone market. After the launch of its first iPhone, the Cupertino-based company has never looked back and today the company is known for its world-class iPhones. The phone for which people can do anything to grab one for themselves. Let’s take a look at the evolution of Apple’s iPhone from its inception and find how the company has changed since then. Check this post also: Apple Accidently Leaks Larger New iPhone X Design First iPhone In 2007, Apple’s then CEO, Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone. The first iPhone came up with two storage variants, 4GB and 8GB. Beside its costly price, the iPhone won the hearts of many users. iPhone 3G Series: After a year, Apple launched its iPhone 3G which supported 3G data connectivity along with many other useful features at a cheaper price …

5 Tips to Buy Used Smartphone Without Spending Big

5 Tips to Buy Used Smartphone Without Spending BigIf you are looking to buy a smartphone but don’t have enough budget to buy an expensive phone then you can opt out for the used smartphone. However, buying a second-hand phone can be tricky for you if don’t know ‘maths’ in this field. There are some certain things you have to check before making a purchase of a used mobile phone. And if you made a mistake then this might turn out to be a ‘blunder’ for you. Well, if you have made a final decision and sure to buy a used smartphone then here some useful tips for you that will help hunting a good condition used a smartphone. Scan the case coverThe first thing you should notice before the purchase is to check the case cover of the smartphone. Look for scratches or physical defects on the smartphone. This will show you the ‘past’ of the smartphone. Try to buy used smartphone wit least possible scratches on it. Check the physical condition of the buttonsIf you are buying a used smartphone wi…

How to Fix iPad Ghost Typing and Erratic Activity

How to Fix iPad Ghost Typing and Erratic ActivityIs your iPad typing by itself or randomly launching some apps? This problem can be fixed. It also may be due to some hardware problem. For this, you will need to contact Apple. Nevertheless, before you do that or thinking to sell your iPad, try out the below procedures to see if it gets fixed. Is It Hacked?It is quite rare that this will happen. This is because Apple checks every app that gets submitted to its App Store. Therefore malware finds it tough to enter your device. Try And Power Down Your iPadStart by rebooting your device. Shut down your iPad firstly by holding down your Sleep/Wake button till the iPad tells you to slide the button that will power it down. You will find the Sleep/Wake button located at the top area of your iPad. At the time that you are prompted, you should slide the button then wait till your iPad’s screen gets fully dark before going on to the following step. Clean Your ScreenYour screen may have something …