How to Fix iPad Ghost Typing and Erratic Activity

How to Fix iPad Ghost Typing and Erratic Activity

Is your iPad typing by itself or randomly launching some apps? This problem can be fixed. It also may be due to some hardware problem. For this, you will need to contact Apple. Nevertheless, before you do that or thinking to sell your iPad, try out the below procedures to see if it gets fixed.

Is It Hacked?

It is quite rare that this will happen. This is because Apple checks every app that gets submitted to its App Store. Therefore malware finds it tough to enter your device.

Try And Power Down Your iPad   

Start by rebooting your device. Shut down your iPad firstly by holding down your Sleep/Wake button till the iPad tells you to slide the button that will power it down. You will find the Sleep/Wake button located at the top area of your iPad. At the time that you are prompted, you should slide the button then wait till your iPad’s screen gets fully dark before going on to the following step.

Clean Your Screen

Your screen may have something upon it which is resulting in the iPad’s touch sensors getting triggered. Use a microfiber cloth, the same that you use to clean your glasses. A lint-free cloth can also work. Dampen the cloth, make sure that it is not wet. Also, do not spray anything upon the screen. The best is to get a slightly damp and non-abrasive cloth. You can rub this cloth in a gentle way over the complete display.

Power On Your iPad

After doing the above you can then power your iPad back on. This is done by holding down your Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo comes on the screen. When this comes it tells that the iPad is actually booting back up. It should be ready within a few seconds

If The Problem Remains Then…

By rebooting your iPad as well as cleaning its screen the above problem should get fixed. But if you still have this problem even after rebooting then you can restore your iPad. Do this to its factory default settings.
Remember that when you do this, all your data along with apps will be wiped out from your iPad. Therefore you will need to back up the iPad so that you can, later on, restore your data.
When wanting to back up your iPad, go into its settings. Then after this go to iCloud settings, then click Backup so as to receive the Backup settings. Click the button that says Back up Now.
Reset your iPad to factory default status by going into its settings, then General, then Reset. Select Erase All Content and Settings. You can then set up your iPad. Restore it when prompted.
If you are still facing problems then contact Apple to get some help. You can take your iPad to an Apple Store close to you to get some help.


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