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How To Reach A Rational Decision When Selling Your Phone Online

Psychology says, emotions drive our behaviour towards life and logic only justifies our actions and marketing specialist saffirm this theory. Humans apply the same theory to brands as they do with people. Nowadays, choosing your favourite brand or product is same as choosing your best friend. Before making the final decision, we go with all the possible solutions. Emotions and logic, both play an important role while making a decision.

But when we are going to make a decision that could cause internal pain, our emotions play a more important role than logic. For example, while criticising a person, we sometimes follow our emotions rather than logic.
But there is a way to conquer this emotional bias. It is a kind of thought process. This process is completely objective and data-driven. It is called rational decision making. This will help you make logically sound decisions even in situations with major consequences. What Is Rational Decision Making?Rational decision making is a process …

How To Get Most Cash For Your Broken iPhone

It is always a good feeling to have a new iPhone in your pocket.The whole world seems nice and sparkly bright, and you are over the moon to have it.Despite of having a brand new iPhone in your hand, you can never forget about your old iPhone. The best practice for you is wiping all your personal data before you put your old iPhone for sale.
If you want to Sell Broken iPhone, frankly speaking,it is a hard job. You may have to spend a plethora of time either in the market or online to sell your iPhone. Especially if you are interested in selling your iPhone on a recycling website, it is even more time-consuming. Last but not the least, if your iPhone is broken due to any reason, it is the toughest thing to recover its fair price. Everyday the prices for recycling smartphones keep changing. Sometimes, you are left with no idea when to sell or how to sell your broken iPhone. The Importance of Selling Your Broken iPhone On A Mobile Recycling Comparison WebsiteYou will always love to sell you…