Don't Repair! Sell Your Smartphone Instead

So, you broke your smartphone and it stopped working. We are sure it is no less than a nightmare for you.Well, if you are now thinking of repairing it then don’t do this, please! How about you sell broken phones for cash and get yourself a new one?
Read on to find out how selling broken mobile phones is a better option instead of repairing. Also, know how to get the best possible price for your damaged phone while selling it!
Most people are particularly careful with their expensive smartphone devices. They work hard for their beloved phone and thus ensure that a silicon cover protects it and that every time they use it, it is carefully handled. Nevertheless, even these individuals can experience mishaps with their smartphones. For instance, you may drop your precious cell phone, damaging the screen or mechanics of the phone. You may drop it into your toilet or sink. Or your kid may get his/her hands on it. Whatever the case, your phone probably gets some damage or at worse, it is no longer functional. Below is what you should do and should not do in such a situation!

Try to Repair Your Broken Phone

The first thing that comes into your mind when you break your phone is to repair it. Yes, it’s a common solution; you can fix your broken mobile with a help of a repairer and get it back to life. But, you should remember that often mobile repairing costs you more than the value of a new phone. Because most of the smartphone manufacturers don’t cover such kind of damages in their warranties. Even if you go for third-party local or online repair shops, you will see that they charge a big price and they don’t give you any guarantee about the repair.Sometimes, they might even refuse you if your broken phone is beyond repair.
After bearing in mind the above concerns, if you are not going for a repairing option then no worries! We have a better option for you! Rather than repairing your broken mobile device, you can opt to sell it for cash that you can use to get a new phone.

Don’t Throw Your Broken Phone Away

Many people treat their broken phones as junk and usually shove them in the back of their drawers or simply toss them away in trash cans when they don’t go for repairs. Never do this please! It is quite harmful to you and the environment too. Yes, probably you know that mobile phones contain lots of toxic substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, arsenic, and flame retardants etc., which are dangerous to the Earth if mobile phones are thrown away in landfill sites.
Apart from this, mobile phones are worth their weight in precious metals including copper, platinum, gold, silver and more. These metals can be extracted from the phones and melted down to a huge amount. So, never play a role in increasing e-waste and pollution in the country. Look for some eco-friendly ways to get rid of their old or broken phones.

Sell Broken Phones For Cash- The Best Possible Way to Get Rid of Broken Phones

There is no need to spend a great amount of money on repairing your broken mobile phone. You can choose to sell it to make some extra cash. There are specialised online mobile recycling companies that offer a substantial amount for your old used smartphone whether it’s working or not. So, now is the perfect time to collect all your old and broken phones from your cupboards or drawers and send them to the recycling companies to make money in exchange.
Mobile phone recycling companies take the old and broken mobile phones and recycle them in eco-friendly ways. The phones in working condition are sold as refurbished ones in developing countries. However, non-functional and broken phones can be recycled in parts, not only to manufacture other products but also to extract valuable metals for reuse. 
It’s very easy to sell your old or broken phone for recycling. Simply find one of the most reputable recycling companies on the web. Then, you select your phone on its homepage and with a single click, you get the best price for your phone. You just need to fill out all the information available on site and send your mobile device to the postal address provided to you. Once your phone is received, it will be examined by experts, they will adjust the value as per the condition of your phone and you will get paid by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal, usually within 2-5 working days.
This is what makes mobile recycling companies the best option for selling old and broken phones. With this, you can generate revenue from your used phone and at the same time you recycle your old phone for a cause, and also do your bit to save the environment.

How Much Is Your Old Smartphone Worth?

Obviously, the amount of money you get depends on the exact condition of your phone. If your phone is in working condition, then you are supposed to earn much more as compared to a phone that is in non-working condition.Mobile recycling companies can pay you up to 50% of the original cost for your old phone.
Another thing that comes into the price calculation is the date of birth of your cell phone. In case that your phone is 3 years older, it will be rated less valuable than one which two or one years old. The brand name is also an evaluation factor as smartphones reputed brands such as Apple iPhones, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, or others are quite naturally going top, bring more money as compared to one from unknown or newly launched brands. For instance, an iPhone fetches more value than a Samsung Galaxy smartphone at a time of sale.

How to Make the Most Money for Your Broken Phone?

When it comes to you wanting to sell your broken phone, there are many recycling sites you can use to do so with. But which mobile recycling site is the best one to use? Which one pays the most for old or broken mobile phones? And which one has the best quality of service overall? Yes, all these are common questions that usually come to your mind at the time of mobile selling.
There is just one answer to all these questions and that is mobile phone recycling comparison sites. These sites aim to list all the top/popular mobile phone recycling websites so that you can make an informed choice on which one is best for you. With these, you can compare the prices offered by leading recycling sites and find out the best deal and make the most money for your mobile phone. Comparison sites save you time and effort because you won’t have to check multiple sites one by one by yourself which is a very time and energy consuming task.

Here’s How Mobile Recycling Comparison Sites Work

Mobile phone recycling comparison sites are an ideal source for helping you to get the best price when you sell your old or broken phone. These sites usually work as search engines and make you able to search the best recycling site with the best deal in just a few seconds.
All you need to do is to search for your phone make and model by entering the details into the search box or simply by choosing it from the drop-down menu on a comparison site. Once you do, the site will start making a comparison in the background and present you a list of best available deals offered by listed recycling sites on your screen. You should pick up the highest paying option or the one that is more inclined with your goals. When you are happy with a price the recycler offers, just click on the Sell Now option. It will redirect you to the recycler’s official site to sell your phone through their process.
You don’t need to know all the small details about the recycling companies as they already have researched and agreed with their business partners they use for recycling comparison details. Just make sure you look for a top-ranked mobile recycling comparison site.
After knowing all there is to know about online mobile phone selling, you will find it a wise decision definitely. The benefits and advantages of selling your old and broken phone rather than throwing it away or recycling it are clear. For most people, a damaged phone is usually worthless. But it’s a fact that you can turn it into money by selling it to a recycling site. So, what are you waiting for? Sell your old or broken phone and get a fair amount of cash in return. You can invest your earning to purchase a new smartphone you've been waiting for without feeling guilty.


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