Top 8 Alarm Clock Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 6

iPhone 6 does come with a built-in alarm clock, but for many that is not enough. They need something more, something that is different and it would force them to leave their bed. Since iPhone is a high-end smartphone, thus you can download whatever you like.

iPhone 6 is said to be a masterpiece of Apple, it comes with a 4.7-inch display screen, 1GB RAM and 1.4 GHz processor. The phone has everything that you are looking for, and if you think something is missing, you can always download the third-party applications. You can check out our other articles for your refurbishediPhone 6.

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In this article, we will be telling you about 8 best alarm clock apps for your refurbished iPhone 6.

 Wake Me Up:

The best alarm clock for people who love to snooze, this amazing clock isn’t going to stop until you don’t start walking. It is the perfect trick to get you out of bed and once out, we are sure you will be up and about in no time. However, to use this app your phone’s notification should be enabled and it can’t be on silent mode.


For people like me, once we speak we are unable to go back to sleep. If you fall under this category, you should right away download SpeakToSnooze. Instead of fumbling around for your refurbished iPhone 6, you have to talk to it. You simply say, “Snooze Alarm” and the alarm is snoozed. To turn it off, you need to say, “Alarm off”. However, this app is not for people who would simply go back to sleep after commanding the alarm to be quiet.

Uhp Alarm Clock:

Get up or be ready to face the embarrassment! When Uhp rings and you don’t get it, the app will set shame on you by letting everyone on your Twitter and Facebook know that you didn’t get up. It will automatically update your status. So, to avoid you have to walk away from your bed with your phone.


The alarm does not stop ringing, until you take a picture of an object in your room. The worst or the best part is there is no snooze button.

 Sleep Cycle:

The purpose of this app is to monitor your sleeping hours and wake you up at an optimal time.


An excellent app that lets you get repeating alarms, progressive alarms, and even allows you to wake up to your own music.

 Barcode Alarm:

To turn this alarm, you need to scan a barcode, this means you have to get out of the bed. Cool, isn’t it?

Snap Me Up:

To turn this alarm, you need to take a selfie. We are pretty sure after looking at that selfie, you will be up and about just to fix yourself.

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