Where to Sell iPhone 6s For Most Cash

Did you know that when you upgrade to a newer iPhone, your old iPhone 6s or 6, itcan be worth something still? Yes, an old used iPhone 6 or 6s has some value that can be easily recovered by selling it. So, there is no need to leave your old iPhone into a drawer somewhere in your home to collect dust. With the passage of time, its value would depreciate and have no value. It is better to sell it right now;you will get the most cash in return by doing so.
Nevertheless, looking for the best place to sell iPhone might be a daunting task because there are several places where you can present your iPhone for selling. Here we have come up some of the best ones, with the attention of receiving you the most money by selling your old iPhone 6s or 6. 

Where Can I Sell My iPhone 6 for Cash?

Yes, it is true that the best place to sell iPhone 6 or 6s is “Online”. In the last few years, there are a number of new online options for selling your used mobile phones including iPhones instantly. A quick online sale service makes selling your phone easier, as well as, helps you get the most cash for your old phone in the comfort of your home. Below are some of the most popular places to sell the iPhone 6 or 6s that you don’t want anymore:

1.      eBayInstant Sale

eBay Instant Sale can be an easy way of disposing-off your iPhone 6 or 6s. It will give you probably the most flexible options to create your deal- Auction or Fixed price, shipping cost, and posting pictures. Bear in mind you will have to pay out to list your iPhone for sale regardless of results. Furthermore, if you sell to them, you can expect a deposit into your PayPal account for the quoted amount within at least 5 working days.
The risk in the eBay selling process is that you have to protect yourself from scamming buyers.

2.      Amazon Trade-In

Not to be confused with Amazon Marketplace- it allows you to list your iPhone to sell and gives you instant credit for your phone. For this, you just need to have an Amazon account and thoroughly summarise the overall condition of the iPhone 6 or 6s you want to trade-in, then you will get a fair value. Once you send your shipment at Amazon’s expense and they take time to inspect the device is as you described, your Amazon account will be rewarded with Amazon Gift Voucher towards the amount.
The only shortcoming in the Amazon Trade-in program is that your fund is restricted to your Amazon account only.

3.      Best Buy Trade-In

This is another online place that takes your unwanted and used electronics items including smartphones. Getting a price is as straightforward as entering an item’s barcode number. After you completed the customer survey for approval, you will be offered with a price for your iPhone 6 or 6s. The offered price, if you choose to accept it, will be rewarded as a Best Buy Coupon. You can simply mail your iPhone to Best Buy using a prepaid shipping tag.
More like Amazon, the problem with Best Buy Trade-in is the fact that your earned money is locked into using it with a coupon. As well, the turn-around time frame for getting your gift card is just a little longer than Amazon, typically taking at least 10 days after receiving and examining your device.

4.      Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has also presented a new marketplace area where sellers can submit free ads for selling their tech devices such as smartphones. Facebook Marketplace functions quite a bit like Craigslist but you can select to exclusively sell to your friends on Facebook.
There are not any private listings, Facebook identifies known, and therefore, you can have confidence in the other party. Nevertheless, the only bad thing about Facebook Marketplace is there are fewer buyers to be found than on Craigslist.

5.      Craigslist

Craigslist is free to sell old iPhones - no fees, no commissions. This traditional classified platform can assist you in meeting up with a buyer in your nearby area to sell your old iPhone 6s or 6. You can get a good deal for your unwanted mobile phone. However, you will have to work the payment information and the location with the prospective buyer. It will keep you away from any scam.

6.      Mobile Recycling Comparison Websites

Trust me mobile recycling Comparison sites are the best source to turn your old phones into good cash. By allocating just a few minutes on a mobile phone comparison site, you can trade your old, non-working, or unwanted iPhone or Android Smartphone in for a little extra or a lot of extra money. Comparison sites have a full database of all smartphones, so finding your specific phone will be easier.
How to sell your iPhone 6s or 6 for cash via a comparison site works as search engine sites- you just need to tell about your phone and the site compares recycling deals and presents you the best ever ones on your screen. Then, you should choose the highest one to sell your iPhone. The entire process is quite simple and takes a few seconds.
Keep in mind that comparison sites only work with top recycling companies, therefore you can often rest assured that whatever recycler you choose to go with will provide a secured operation and offer you a fair price for your phone. Also, remember to be honest about your phone details and its condition. It can be annoying for both parties if the description is incorrect.
Once you selected the top deal, the comparison site will redirect you to the chosen recycling company’s site. Where you can proceed further and fill out all the details in order to complete the online sale process. Don’t forget to look at the terms and conditions of the recycler; it will save you a disappointing experience with a company.


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