What to Do When You Can't Access iTunes on Your iPad

What to Do When You Can't Access iTunes on Your iPad

What to Do When You Can't Access iTunes on Your iPad

Why an iPad user can’t access iTunes on their device and how to fix it is a commonly asked question. It is very important for iPad users to understand why their favourite music program creates problems. iTunes is the digital application of media player used for playing, listening, and watching videos and audio files. Furthermore, an iPad needs to connect to iTunes for the latest software system updates and backing up your apps and data. It is entirely free and you can download it on your iPad via the Apple website. 
There are many reasons for which you are unable to access iTunes on your iPad. There are some different methods which you should follow to fix such kind of issue. It is recommended that you uninstall the iTunes App and then reinstall it and this can be of great help.
Let’s have a look at what you can do when you are unable to access iTunes on your iPad.

Check That If The Computer Recognises the iPad Device

First, you should ensure that your Mac or PC is recognising your iPad device. When you connect your iPad to your computer, a little sign of lightning should display in the battery meter placed on the top right-side of the touchscreen. This will not allow you to know the device is charging but also lets you identify the computer is recognising the iPad.
Even if you get a notification of “Not Charging” on your iPad’s screen, you nevertheless know the computer recognised your iPad device. In both cases when you recognise that your PC and iPad are connected with each other, you can proceed to complete your task.
However, if your PC did not recognise your table then here’s what you should do.

·         Check the iPad Cable 

If your computer is not recognising your Apple iPad, it might be because of your iPad cable. So, make sure the USB cable of your iPad is not damaged or even not having any issue. If the USB cable is OK but you still facing the issue then you can plug it into a different port on your PC. If it works, it means that you may have a bad port. You can confirm this by plugging your iPhone or any other device into the original port.

·         Check That iPad Battery is Not Low

If you are OK with iPad cable and USB ports of the PC but still the problem persists, you should ensure the iPad battery is not low. When the battery is close to being over, it can lead to the iPad problems. Therefore, if your iPad is connected to your PC, unplug it and check the battery percentage. If it’s less than 10% then you should recharge your tablet fully.
If you see a pop up of “Not Charging” when you connect the iPad to your PC, you will need to use a wall outlet charger to recharge your iPad.

·         Restart the Computer and iPad

If you have tried both above tricks but still you are experiencing the same problem then you should reboot your computer and iPad both. A simple reboot can resolve many problems. So, shut down your PC completely, wait for a while and then turn it ON.
On the other hand, to restart your iPad, all you need to do is to press and hold the home button and Sleep/Wake button together until you will see the Apple logo.
Once the PC and iPad both have been rebooted, try to access iTunes on your tablet. I hope it will work and solve the problem.

·         Reinstall the iTunes

If you are still unable to access the iTunes on your iPad, it is time to delete the iTunes and reinstall the app from your computer. To uninstall the iTunes on a Windows-based PC, simply go to the Start menu and then select Control Panel. Search for “Programs and Features” option and choose it. Next, scroll down until you find iTunes, then right-click on it with your mouse and choose Uninstall.
Once you have deleted iTunes from your PC, you can download the latest version. I hope now you will be able to connect iTunes with your iPad.
If still having the problem? It usually means that your iPad has been broken or simply it has been reached an older age if you are using the oldest model. You should sell old iPad and buy a new one!


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