Tips to make your iPhone Battery Lasts Longer

Tips to make your iPhone Battery Lasts Longer

Anyone who is using iPhone must be aware of the fact that despite all the greatness this smartphone has, there is one pitfall as well. No doubt iPhone is smart, powerful, and intuitive but apart from these qualities it has one disadvantage and that is its battery life. This is one of the major inconvenience of owning an iPhone. It is a common practice that you need to charge your iPhone daily and if you are a heavy user then you might charge your iPhone multiple times a day.
Well, to make your iPhone battery last longer, there are many simple and practical ways available. Some of these are mentioned below.
Temperature affects iPhone Battery Life
Hot and cold temperature does affect the battery life of your iPhone. The iPhone is typically designed to function at room temperature. Charging the iPhone in high temperature can affect the battery timing.

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Disable Dynamic Background
iOS 7 or updated versions have dynamic background features. This feature may look cool but it also drains your battery. So it is advised to disable the feature to save the battery time.
Turn off Bluetooth
Bluetooth is no doubt a useful feature especially if you use wireless headsets or earpiece. But keeping on this feature can drain the battery juice a lot quicker. So turn off your iPhone’s Bluetooth when not in use.
Auto-adjust screen brightness
The iPhone has a sensor in it that adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the surrounding lights. So turning on the auto-brightness feature will help save the battery life.
Disable 3G, 4G
3G and 4G services drain the iPhone battery very quickly. So it is advised that whenever you are in home or office, use Wi-Fi instead of 3G or 4G.


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