How to properly dispose of your old iPhone

How to properly dispose of your old iPhone

iPhone is considered as the most trusted smartphone by mobile phone users worldwide. There are two mobile phone platforms available, who literally dominate the mobile phone industry. One is Android and other is iOS. Apple launches new model of iPhone every year and many users of this platform switch to new iPhone after its release. Only few of these users know, what to do with old iPhones. Many users recycle it through different mobile phone recycling companies. And many dispose it. In today’s article we will explain you the way that help you properly dispose of your old iPhone.
Apple construct iPhones with metal, glass and other plastic components. iPhone also contains electronic parts and battery which should be disposed of separately. When you get tired of using old iPhone and looing to get new iPhone, then you should dispose the older one properly, instead of throwing it in trash. Option for recycling the iPhone is also available.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone by pressing the Home Button or by providing the passcode.
Step 2: Remember you have to delete all of your data from the iPhone before disposing it off. To do so, Go to settings > General > tap on Rest > Tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. This will erase all the data from your iPhone.  
Step 3: After that, put your iPhone in the box and take it to your nearest Apple Retails Store. Exchange it with discounted price of a new iPod. Apple will recyle your old iPhone.
Step 4: If there is no Apple Store near you then you can recycle the iPhone online. Apple has its online recycling program. Visit
Step 5: After opening the Apple website, search for Apple recycling program and fill in the form there. Write some details about your iPhone and also fill in your complete name and contact information.  
Step 6: Apple will send you the packaging material, put your iPhone in it and send it to Apple for recycling.

If you are looking to unlock your locked iPhone, you can read some tips from here:


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