The Best Mobile Phones to be Sold in 2018

New mobile phones come out every year, and there is no denying that they are absolutely beautiful! Right now, Samsung S8 and Samsung Note 8 are the most coveted phones in the market, in direct competition with the latest iPhone 8 and iPhone X if you want to buy new iPhone then Sell Your Old Phone.

We are wish we could get these phones and experience the usage, but there is one obvious problem: the price tag is extremely steep. This is where you think you can sell your old phone in order to be able to add some money and buy a new one.

This is where the problem arises. If you sell your old phone in a local market, is it really worth anything? What is the best way to sell your phone and to make sure you get the most cash for it so that you can add in some money and buy your dream phone before it becomes obsolete? Indeed, the best way to sell your old phone is to in fact recycle your phone.

Recycling companies are more than willing to pay great prices for old phones, since they are looking for devices that they can refurbish and resell. They will pay you better than your local market or your colleague will, so there is no question that you should use a platform like SellTheMobile to sell your phone.

Now, the big question, is, which phone has the best value right now?
If you own any of the following phones and are trying to sell them, you are in luck because they are at their ideal prices in the recycling market right now!

1.       iPhone 6, 6S and 6S Plus – iPhone 6 came out in September 2014 and was immediately loved by Apple users. The good news is that if you own one, you can still sell your old phone to make lots of money, since it is still popular in the market!

2.       iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – The following year, the iPhone 7 series came out, and was ridiculously overpriced! With time, the price did come down, and now with the release of predecessors, older phones are underpriced now. However, you can use SellTheMobile to sell your old iPhone 7 now!

3.       Samsung Galaxy S6 – In direct competition are the Samsung phones. If you want to sell your old phone, this is the year to sell your Galaxy S6 and get the most out of it, before it becomes too outdated!

4.       Samsung Galaxy S7 – While the phone is fairly recent, you might want to sell it, especially with the release of Galaxy S8, Note 8, and iPhone 8 and X. If you want to sell your phone, you will get an amazing price for S7 in 2018; it will be like barely losing any money!

5.       Samsung Note 7 – With the release of Note 8, the Note 7 is older but still loved and coveted. Therefore, now is the time to sell it, since your old phone must still be in a good condition and will generate lots of cash!

If you own any of these phones, visit SellTheMobile today to make the most out of them!

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