Earn Handsome Amount From Your Broken iPhone 6

We all know at least one iPhone user who carries around a phone with a badly shattered screen. As much as many of us love Apple iPhones, we can’t deny the fact that the company is notorious for producing phones that are easily breakable, and hence broke iPhones are a rather common sight. If you are someone who is using a broken iPhone 6 or if you have one lying around in your drawer, this guide is for you.

You might not have considered to sell your broken iPhone because, well, who would pay for it, right? You probably can’t find someone to sell broken iPhone 6 to, and even if you do find someone, they probably offer to pay a really low amount and make you think, ‘we might as well keep it as a memory!’

While this is very common when it comes to sell broken phones, did you know there are mobile phone recycling companies who are willing to accept your broken iPhone? You can sell broken iPhone 6 to these companies for recycling purposes, and they will pay you a handsome amount that no one looking to buy a phone for their personal usage would be willing to pay. The idea sounds too good to be true, but it is in fact happening and there are several such mobile phone recyclers that you can find on SellTheMobile. All you have to do is to compare iPhone 6 recycling price being offered by different recyclers, and then pick the one to sell your broken iPhone.

Why Would Someone Want to Buy a Broken iPhone?
The idea sounds strange, but it is in fact very strategic. Mobile phone recycling companies who buy the broken phone, can actually use it to make money in a number of ways.

-     Refurbishing and Reselling: While you might not want to spend time and effort on your broken iPhone, there are phone recycling companies that are willing to replace original parts to make the phone look good as new, and then sell it as a refurbished phone.

-        Repairing: When you sell broken iPhone 6 to a mobile phone recycling company, they might decide to repair a phone that previously did not work at all, and make a decent amount of money from it.

-    Selling Parts: Many people out there are looking for original iPhone parts for their own broken phones, and this is where phone recycling companies who buy your old phone will use them. Parts like the screen, the battery and even the motherboard can be taken out of broken phones and used to repair other phones.

-   Using Raw Materials: Phones contain bits of raw material like titanium, which mobile phone recycling companies are looking for. When they recycle broken iPhone, they extract these materials for their own purposes. While you get a handsome amount of cash for a phone you thought was good for nothing.

All in all, it’s a win-win situation! Visit SellTheMobile.com right now to sell broken iPhone 6 and make some cash off of it!


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