How to Get Rid of an Old Mobile Phone After the Christmas?

Recycling can be enjoyable, creative and incredibly simple. At SellTheMobile, we understand the standing of iPhone recycling and we want to guarantee that you likewise do your bit to defend the environment. Here are 5 online causes to capture your imaginings and get you recycling in your own home. Each little helps!

1. Did You Catch a New Smartphone from Santa This Year?

Yes? So therefore, you’ve perhaps got your old mobile phone sagging about, unused and looking up at you with a tear in its eye.

Don’t give in to its fault trips. We say, get freed of that phone once and for completely by sending it off to a brand new home. Here’s entirety you need to do to say goodbye or recycle your old mobile.

Get entirely your apps, media, pictures, files, music, and so on onto your new phone. Occasionally you can do this with the phones’ software – the Move To iOS app is delightful, and you can transfer all from one iPhone to the new one using, for example.

In other circumstances, you’ll have to use cloud software, SD cards, and USB cables to catch things moved crossways.

When it comes to apps, humbly sign back into the App Store or Google Play Store, and whatever you’ve paid for will quiet be offered for you? (Though sadly this might not be the case if you’re switching amid Android and iOS phones.) Just be definite to clutch all your login info earlier.

2.  Take Out Your SIM Card and SD Card

Make assured the whole thing of yours is away from the old phone, counting your SD card. You don’t need your photos to end up in the hands of an outsider.

3. Do A Factory Reset

Once you’re absolutely definite you’ve procured the whole thing from your phone, do a factory reset. This’ll delete the lot from the hard drive, and restore it to factory settings as however it’s brand new – making it prepared to hand over to a new owner. It confirms that no one will catch their hands on your files and personal data.

You can do this from your phone’s settings – see the full guidelines for Android phones here, and advices for iPhone recycling here.

4. Arbiter What State Its In

Is it decent as new? Entirely broken and unusable? Just a bit scraped? Phones in diverse states of repair will bring in dissimilar amounts of cash – and it can become rather messy and complex if you get it wrong the first time around.

Usually, phones being sold on for recycling only essential to be characterized as ‘working’, ‘broken’, or ‘new’, which makes life much calmer.
  • New means it has not ever been used – maybe taken out of its packing and swapped on at most
  • Working means it’s, well, working as usual
  • Broken means it doesn’t work, has a crack on the screen, is tangibly falling apart, or is otherwise tough to use – see our blog for more info

5. Select Where to Send It

Now that your phone’s prepared to go out into the biosphere, you’ll essential to choose exactly what you need to do with it.
  • You could sell it, either to a friend or using a site similar to eBay
  • You could donate it to an aid – for example, accept old mobile phones
  • You could recycle it, and receive some cash for doing so – often the similar amount you’d get for selling it
If you go to the mobile phone recycling way, search for your phone here on SellTheMobile and equate all the accessible offers. For particular mobile phones, you could get up to a few hundred pounds – Sell iPhone 7 can go for (£364), for example. When you discover an offer you like the look of, click over to the site and follow the commands.

6. Send It Off

We commend posting your phone by superior delivery – even if you’re sending it to a recycling firm with a freepost address. With detailed delivery, you can be categorically certain that it got delivered.

7. Relish Your Newfound Wealth

This is the point where the mobile recycler will check your old phone over and send you your money. So it’s time to cash your cheque and relish your bank account’s nice new balance.

Or if you certain to donate your phone to charity, relish your metaphorical, moral wealth – which is finally more valued, even if it won’t get you much in the January iPhone sales.


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