Amazing All in One Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C is an excellent phone to have, it comes with a 4.00-inch screen and several features. If you are looking for an affording iPhone, we suggest you get your hands-on iPhone 5C. To further cut down the prices, you can always buy refurbished iPhone 5C. The phone is fast because of its 1GB RAM and a 1.3GHz processor.

You might think that 1GB RAM is not enough, but trust us iPhone’s 1GB RAM can beat many other phones. Although it comes with a plastic back, unlike other iPhones that have metal backs, the phone still manages to look classy and tasteful. If you are not into dull colors, you sure will enjoy the vibrant colors of iPhone 5C.

Since it is a versatile phone, it offers a wide range of features. We are sure there are many tips and tricks of this amazing phone that you might not know. Likewise, to further boost your iPhone 5C experience, you should know about all the best apps for it. Interested in learning about tips and tricks as well as some really good apps, check out the articles.

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In this article, we will talk about 8 best All in One Apps for your phone.

Amazing All in One Apps for your Refurbished iPhone 5C:

To enjoy these apps, you should buy a refurbished iPhone 5C.

ABC Contacts:

A superb app for managing your contacts. It lets you track all the recent calls as well as create smart groups.


You can now manage Facebook, Twitter, MySpace all from this one app. Although most of us don’t use MySpace anymore, it still feels nice to have it around.

All in One WiFi Remote:

A wireless remote control for your refurbished iPhone 5C and lets you control your media center and iTunes on your phone.

App Tool Box:

An app that offers all the basic apps such as an iPhone flashlight, or an alarm clock.


Looking for an app that can convert almost all currencies on your refurbished iPhone 5C, you should download the SmartConverter. It is the perfect app for converting all sorts of currencies. It is fast, efficient and very handy especially when you love to travel.

 All in 1 GameBox:

Looking for different games under one roof, download All in 1 GameBox. You can enjoy 25 different games.


The complete package for your child, just download it and let him enjoy it on your refurbished iPhone 5C.

Kid Genius 13 in 1:

Another cool app for your kids on your iPhone. It comes with 13 different educational games, including flash cards, math games and much more.
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